Our Story

– 1978, Assistant District Attorney

JD served as an Assistant District Attorney in Albuquerque in the adult felony trial team #1 division. He then served as an Assistant District Attorney/Special Prosecutor in Santa Fe for the New Mexico Penitentiary Riot homicides.

– 1983,Albuquerque Assistant City Attorney

In the mid-1980’s, he served as an Albuquerque Assistant City Attorney, trial division, defending civil lawsuits filed against the City of Albuquerque.

– 1985, Entered Private Practice

In private practice since 1985, he has focused primarily on criminal defense. In 1991, he was among the very first attorneys in New Mexico to be recognized by the then newly-created Board of Legal Specialization as a criminal trial specialist.

Our Services

Albuquerque Legal Services

As a criminal defense attorneyin Albuquerque, JD has defended all types of criminal offenses ranging from homicides and complex RICO actions to drug and white collar offenses at the state and federal levels. He has successfully defended four federal death penalty homicides. Though he continues to practice criminal defense law as a board-certified criminal defense trial specialist, JD also practices aviation law, personal injury law, and film and television law.